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Hilton Head Health at Home brings to your home our almost 50 years of experience helping folks just like you lose weight, improve their health and make good-for-you lifestyle changes that stick! We use science-backed methods - private coaching, group coaching, habit creation - to help you take control of your weight-loss and wellness journey for the very last time.


We get it. . . this isn't your first rodeo.

And you're fed up with diets and programs and special shakes and measuring and counting and timing and promises, promises, promises! You've been on that weight loss merry-go-round -- starting a plan that works for a while, but eventually leaves you heavier, less healthy and blaming yourself.

So we have some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: you've been playing an unwinnable game, caught in a cycle of hope, sacrifice, frustration, and guilt that will never lead to long-term success.

But here's the good news: it's not your fault! And you can change everything today.

So, if you're ready to take a serious approach to your health and your weight, if you're ready to reach your weight loss and wellness goals and maintain them for the long term, then you're in the right place.


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And I felt safe working with H3 at home.


So, I had tried a couple other ways to get active, like joining a fitness class, doing stuff on my own, doing some other online programs. And I always ended up getting injured or bored or frustrated, and I felt safe working with H3 at home. And so that, that I think was a big difference. The other piece was, and I, I didn't really know this going into it, but as it started up, the groups, and just the camaraderie and the support really helped.


We know why you're here.
And we got you.


And my sister was like, I can really tell you're losing weight...so I went into the, what I call the "other closet" where my smaller clothes were and I started pulling a few things out and I was able to wear them!


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Nancy - H3@Home Member-v3-1

Stop wasting time on something that isn't designed for you!


H3 at Home does a great job of meeting you where you are and understanding where you are and then understanding what you yourself want to do to move forward. Because my journey is different than your journey. My desires, my path, my journey is different than everyone's.


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What Others Are Saying


Meeting goals and..

"Thank you for all of your support during my H3 at home experience. I am happy to report that I met all of my goals, and then some, I set for myself a year ago."

- Catherine


Results My Way

"I’ve enjoyed these evening Zoom calls this week and the ones with Fran. Each one is positive and like leaves drifting down onto a forest floor it all begins to pile up, but gently. This is the way I like to be influenced, slowly but surely."   

- Heather L.

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Coaching Works

"Sara was full of ideas and specific recommendations….she was always on time, she was a great communicator and listener—I felt like she heard what I was saying and made appropriate suggestions based on my personality and interests. When I struggled to find vegan breakfast options, she sent me photos of what to go buy in the grocery store. She could NOT have been any better."

- L. C.

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Tell us your story and let us put together a Membership that will work for you! Your Membership may include:

  • Private Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Member-to-Member Chat Groups
  • Habit Tracking
  • Dozens of Group Classes Every Month
  • Livestreamed Workouts exclusively for our Members
  • Full Video Library of Fitness, Cooking, Nutrition and Behavior Change Classes, starring H3 Staff and filmed at H3 Resort
  • H3 @Home Mobile App to track your progress, record your food, watch your videos and communicate with H3 @Home coaches and Members
  • Exclusive Members-Only H3 Resort Discounts and Other Offers

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Most diets and weight loss programs confuse weight loss with health. Although connected, they're not the same. We approach weight loss from a holistic perspective, as part of an overall wellness plan. Your journey should include getting back to the things you love!

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Life happens where you are. We meet you in your environment to help you make the changes that support your goals, not ours. We do this by prompting habit change, daily goal setting, and health education in your own home. 


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One size will never fit all. Our personalized approach includes regular meetings with your personal weight loss and wellness coach who will guide you to map your path to success, provide you with accountability and support, and help you overcome obstacles as you move toward your goals. 




Being part of a community of others who are also striving to live a healthier life gives you staying power! We offer group coaching and Well Session each week so you can draw on and contribute to the collective wisdom and support of our tribe. Member-to-Member chat groups and monthly challenges reinforce the healthy habits you're creating. 



We have a variety of live sessions throughout each week where you can find the latest weight loss and wellness-related information, training and education. Those sessions, along with a full video library of the best exercise, cooking and education classes by Hilton Head Health staff, gives our members access to the experts when they need it.

Hilton Head Health: The Resort

The Resort at Hilton Head Health has been a trusted weight loss and wellness destination for almost 50 years. Our all-inclusive retreat experience will turn your notion of a "fat camp" on its ear!

Come find out how removing the barriers to healthy living, while you're in a supportive and pampering beachside environment, will leave you refreshed, re-energized and ready to apply everything you learn to your everyday life.

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