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We get it. We sound too good to be true. See if some of these frequently asked questions help.

Other programs are designed without you in mind. We listen to YOU and make YOUR plan. 

Read that again.

Do you get it? They teach you how to eat their product, count food their way, follow exactly their prescription. We meet you where YOU are. Your personal health coach will help you design goals that are specific to your lifestyle, with your food, and with your current behaviors. 

Everyone is unique and different, but we are all on a wellness journey. We think you'll be surprised to discover just how much you have in common with people from totally different walks of life that are on this journey with you!

NO,  You will not find any bars, shakes or pills! Life does not happen with a pre packaged meal that shows up at your door. We focus on real tools to influence your behavior in any situation. 

One size will never fit all. That is where your personal health coach will come in. They will get to know you and your specific area of habit focus. You will meet with them periodically to ensure accountability and reset your goals. 

Do you want to lose it fast or forever? Evidence shows that you have to lose it like you can live it. If you do something extreme to drop weight fast, it will come back. That is why we do not focus on dropping weight fast. We want to to drop weight forever by focusing on turning healthy into habit helping you begin to make healthier choices, leading to sustainable changes.

Surprisingly, no. However, we do have some great recipes, meal planning ideas and science backed suggestions for healthier eating. However, if this is going to work, it has to fit naturally into your life. That is where your coach will come in. Together, you will set incremental goals to improve your eating little by little.  

Again, surprisingly, no. We do have exercise videos to support healthy movement for any fitness level. However, they are not necessarily going to be part of your plan if that is not your goal. 

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